I’m a wife, mama, and storyteller who loves snuggling up on the couch just as much as I love jumping on a plane and exploring the world

I'm an endless list-maker, eternal optimist, and hopeless romantic. I'm blessed to photograph couples who are laid back, fun-loving and totally in love. Most days I truly can't believe that I get to spend my days documenting beautiful love stories for the most incredible couples.

I’m a natural light photographer and my photos are bright, airy, and natural. My main goal as a wedding photographer is to ensure that you feel completely at ease so that you can focus solely on enjoying and loving every beautiful moment of your wedding day. My secret goal is to have you leave every encounter with me feeling like we could be best friends.

I know from experience that your wedding day will fly by faster than you think, and I’m so grateful to have the privilege of freezing the most special, hilarious, and intimate moments for you. On your wedding day, you’ll get to focus on feeling the love and being present in every moment. I’ll capture it all for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Hey, I'm ally

Wedding photos by Ashlea MacAulay Photography
Family photos below by Deanne MacRae Photography

how we met

One night in high school a friend of mine was having "all the usual" people over. I remember walking in after work and being surprised by a cute guy with pierced ears and a full beard and thinking that he was definitely not one of the usuals. I suddenly wished I wasn't wearing my Keg uniform.

I was in a relationship at the time, though, so we ended up becoming good friends.


Europe trip

After I graduated from university I spent 3 months traveling Europe. While I was away I found myself thinking about him more than I was thinking about anyone else. It made that plane ride home a little more exciting. 

Turns out he'd been faking an illness at work during the week prior to my return so that he could take the day off work in case I wanted to hang out. Things slowly escalated from there.


started dating


Even though we both saw each other as more than friends it took me a long time to say the word "boyfriend". He was one of my best friends and I was scared that if it didn't work out I'd lose that. He was SO patient while I was a total Meredith Grey. Turns out letting that wall down was the best decision I've ever made.

It's crazy to me how someone can be in your life for several years and then suddenly you look at them full of so much love and happiness and think "how did I not realize this before?!"

getting engaged

As with every step of our relationship, Matt was always ready and waiting. There were things I wanted to do before I got married - live alone, buy my first place, spend my summers teaching in Paris and the South of France. He never pushed or made me feel guilty. 

Just with the decision to date, once I was ready to get married, it's all I could think about. I didn't have to wait long before I came home to him on one knee at the end of a path of rose petals, candles, and framed photos of us together. It was perfect.


getting married


Our wedding day was easily one of the best days of my life. It's a pretty powerful thing to stand in front of your favourite people in the world and vow to love each other forever. I walked down the aisle to the song "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons - pretty fitting, right?

I couldn't be more grateful for this man. He encourages all of my big dreams, makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and he's held my hand through every challenge. There's such a deep comfort that comes from the knowledge that no matter what, he's got my back.

our little family


Matt always wanted to be a Dad. Not surprisingly, it took me some time. Just like everything else in our story, once I was ready I couldn't understand what I'd been waiting for.

Our daughter Isla is two and a half and she's such a combination of Matt and I - independent, stubborn, funny, and just so sweet. Our son Rhys is almost one and I'm excited to see his little personality emerge.

I can't wait to write the next chapter with these three!

next chapter


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